Corrie Pitzer
CEO, Safemap International

Corrie Pitzer is the CEO and founder of Safemap International, a company specializing in the psychology of risk. He consults internationally to many corporations in mining, utilities, military defense and construction, all with occupations in which people can be seriously injured, or killed in their work…

He has Bachelors and Honors degrees in Industrial Psychology, Honors degree in Business Management, an MBA, and a Graduate Diploma in Education.

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Keynote: The Latent Triggers of Disasters are Alive - Deep Inside your Company

Never in our history have our workplaces been so safe and our workers so well protected.

Yet in recent years, something strange started to happen. While many companies have ‘hit a wall’ in safety performance, some have seen a slow but visible increase in serious accidents, and most alarmingly, a few ‘best-in-class’ companies suffered catastrophic events. It seems as if the closer we get to ‘zero accidents’, the more vulnerable we become for serious events to happen

Something is wrong. Making the systems safer, puts the organization at higher risk?

This presentation will demonstrate how the few seconds before a disaster were years in the making – by well-intended, but dangerous ideas, beliefs and delusions. It will outline the new roles of leaders and practitioners in a different world awaiting us.

Dr. Matt Hallowell
Executive Director, Safety Function; LLC and Executive Director, Construction Safety Research Alliance

Dr. Matthew Hallowell is a President’s Teaching Scholar and Endowed Professor of Construction Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is also the founder and Executive Director of Safety Function, LLC. He earned a BS and MS in Civil Engineering and a PhD with a focus on Construction Engineering and Occupational Safety and Health. Before his academic career, he worked in construction as a laborer, project engineer, and quality inspector.

Dr. Hallowell specializes in construction safety research...

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Session Breakout: Live Safety Demos: The Future of Safety Training

Safety training is boring. The Live Safety Demos program transforms training by giving workers the experience of an injury without actual harm. To provide engaging, memorable, and impactful safety training, Live Safety Demos give workers the experience of an injury without actual harm. The demos incorporate hyper-realistic human body parts, physical simulations of tools and equipment, and high-speed videography. This talk will explain how industry and academia collaborated to create and test this new method of safety training; describe research that demonstrates how the method impacts emotional engagement and awareness; and provide an example of a live safety demo experience that has been deployed in the field to over 50,000 workers.

Bob Whitfield
Fall Protection Solution Provider, Pursuit Of Safety

Bob Whitfield is a Multi-Certified Safety Professional with over 40 years’ experience. For the last 20 years he has concentrated on fall protection solutions for workers at height. He has provided safety solutions in multiple areas of industry, including aeronautics, aquatics, subterranean and now flying carpets. Bob was the Fall Protection Team Leader for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts from 2014-2019. During that time, he was Disney’s author, administrator, and go-to expert for fall protection, rope access, and aerial work platforms (MEWP) simultaneously keeping over 7,000 cast members safe by implementing effective work-at-height programs for each. Now as a consultant, he plans to share with our attendees the innovative MEWP “Magic” he created for Disney.

Session Breakout: MEWP Magic (Innovative uses of MEWPs within Attractions) Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Bob will share the creative and innovative role that MEWP’s play at Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts. Disney’s team of certified operators are masters at using MEWP’s for a synchronized quick change of seasonal decorations, lighting, facility inspections and so much more. MEWP’s operate 24 hours a day supporting many unconventional tasks at height both on stage and backstage. Those who attend will leave with a new appreciation MEWP “Magic” at Disney.

Andrew Sharman
Managing Partner at RMS, President at IOSH, Professor at CEDEP

Andrew is the Managing Partner of RMS, a global consultancy specializing in culture and leadership supporting organizations around the world through industry sectors including mining, construction, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and FMCG. His personal consulting experience spans over 100 countries with a broad range of clients from FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 organizations including Amazon, Apple, BASF, Bayer, Bridgestone, Burberry, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, DHL, Glencore, Heineken, IKEA, L’Oreal, Mercedes Benz, MarsWrigley, MolsonCoors, PepsiCo, Sanofi, Skanska, Sodexo, Solvay and Tata to Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) including the United Nations, the International Trade Centre, and the World Health Organization.

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Keynote: The Future of Safety; Safety/Not Safety: It’s everything we say - and don’t say

To evolve safety and grow true strength in our organizations we need collaboration. Yet the language, tone, and communications we take for granted may not always hit the mark. We need to reassess how we position safety to ensure that everyone's values and beliefs are aligned, and create the climate for collaboration to flourish. Otherwise, it’s just Not Safety.

Tim Page-Bottorff,
Founder and Principal, Total Safety Compliance, SafeStart, Senior Consultant

Tim’s career in safety began 29 years ago as a marine in Operation Desert Storm, helping put out oil fires and liberating Kuwait. After leaving the Marine Corps, Tim became a full-time safety professional. He has received the prestigious Safety Professional of the Year award from the American Society of Safety Professionals. In 2018, Tim received the National Safety Council’s Distinguished Service to Safety Award (DSSA) to become the first Safety Professional to receive both awards. Tim has been on the global stage delivering keynotes for the National Safety Council, American Society of Safety Professionals and many other conferences.

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Keynote: The Humour in Safety

Tim Page-Bottorff wants you to know that safety doesn’t have to be boring. The best way to increase employee engagement is through humor. Stories are the best way to get started. He suggests injecting funny stories, videos and images into safety conversations, training and meetings to increase employee engagement and retention.

Tim will prepare attendees to find the fun in safety by avoiding all the negativity behind it. Safety is a topic most employees are not fond of. Simple because safety is usually enforced or “forced.” Tim will discuss how complacency causes employees to force decisions in addition to organizations also forcing decisions which employees are the target of. Humor can bring not just employees and management together, but bring people together.

Incorporating the most important things in our messages often serves as building a bridge between people. Tim will show what’s important to him and give a glimpse at how we can achieve a better work-life balance.

There will be messages of laughter, despair, and ultimately an everlasting message of safety doesn’t have to be boring. Sweeping the emotion in safety brings hearts and minds together.

Dr. Rajni Walia
Vice President, DEKRA North America

Rajni Walia is a senior leader within the Brain-Centric ReliabilityTM team at DEKRA OSR. This team provides leading-edge solutions incorporating the latest in applied behavior and neuroscience to help organizations achieve “right first time” results in safety performance and greater Human Performance Reliability.

“My aim is to help create safer workplaces so that individuals worldwide can get home to their loved ones every working day of their career.”

Rajni is a highly sought-after thought leader with over a decade of experience leading performance management, organizational assessment and development, and providing human error-reduction...

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Keynote: Brain-Aligned Messaging: Designing Powerful Messages Based in Neuroscience

How often do leaders and others make attempts at sending helpful communication out into the organization or workgroup via live meeting, conference call, email, or video message, but good intentions have missed the mark?

Take time within this session to inoculate your organization against false starts, muddled messaging, and wasted effort, and instead incorporate key neuroscience principles into your communications, with a knowing that your interventions from design to embedding are fully designed with the human in mind. Some messages sink in and motivate action, and some simply don’t. Let’s talk about the science of motivating our fellow humans through well-crafted and deployed messaging.

Session Benefits:
● Discover how the human brain processes communication and how we can best leverage what we know for sure about the brain's encoding of messages
● Coach leaders and teams on best practices around designing and delivering important messages
● Learn how to better influence the organization in coming together in a meaningful way around agreed upon critical paths to success

Eric Conn
Founding Partner and OSHA Practice Chair, Conn Maciel Carey LLP

Eric J. Conn is a founding partner of Conn Maciel Carey and Chair of the firm’s national OSHA • Workplace Safety Practice Group. His practice focuses exclusively on issues involving occupational safety and health law. Before launching his own OSHA Practice, Mr. Conn practiced for more than a decade alongside the former first General Counsel of the OSH Review Commission. Today, Eric is a Co-Chair of Conn Maciel Carey’s COVID-19 Task Force.

Mr. Conn and his OSHA Team at Conn Maciel Carey develop safety and health regulatory strategies for employers across all industries with a particular emphasis in:

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Session Breakout: OSHA Implications of COVID-19 in the Workplace

OSHA has been thrust into the spotlight and is leading the charge to assess measures employers are taking to protect their workforces from a global pandemic. With each passing week, the agency is expanding its efforts and ratcheting up enforcement; unprepared employers not only risk receiving fines and citations for failing to adopt adequate protective measures relative to COVID-19, but may face scrutiny with respect to a host of other aspects of their workplace safety and health programs. Now, more than ever before, everyone needs to keep OSHA on its radar.

In this session, Eric Conn, firm co-founder and OSHA Group Chair, will provide insight and advice on the OSHA / workplace safety and health implications of COVID-19, such as:

● What is an Exposure Control and Response Plan and why does every employer need one?
● How will OSHA enforce its expectations relative to COVID-19 as well as other safety & health standards during this pandemic?
● When and how should employers record confirmed COVID-19 cases on their OSHA 300 logs or report them to OSHA?
● What do employers need to know about face coverings, respirators and other forms of protective equipment?
● Has OSHA relaxed enforcement of certain standards, and if so, what does that mean?

Rosa Antonia Carrillo
President, Carrillo and Associates Inc.; Author

Rosa Antonia Carrillo is an internationally recognized author and safety leadership consultant. Edgar Schein recommended her 2020 book, The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership, as required reading for anyone wanting to understand safety culture.

She has 25 years of hands-on international experience with clients in oil & gas, mining, energy, biotech, manufacturing, financial services, education, and government sectors. Some of her clients have included Rio Tinto, World Bank, Exxon Mobil, Honeywell, GE Nuclear, GE Oil & Gas, AES, NRG, Southern California Edison, TVA Nuclear and J&J Pharmaceutical.

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Session Breakout: The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership

Imagine your workplace filled with employees willing to speak up to stop unsafe practices. The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership presentation reveals that the way leaders conduct relationships and conversations is critical to realizing these goals.

Doug Pontsler,
Chairman and Managing Director for COVE, the Center of Visual Expertise.

Doug Pontsler is Chairman and Managing Director for COVE, the Center of Visual Expertise. Launched in 2018 by the Toledo Museum of Art, COVE is dedicated to the application of visual literacy for industrial and service applications with an emphasis on safety. In this leadership role he is responsible for all aspects of the enterprise including thought leadership, product development and client satisfaction.

Prior to his current role, Doug was the former vice president of operations sustainability and EHS for Owens Corning (retired). he joined Owens Corning in 2002 and held leadership positions including director of corporate services and vice president of global sourcing...

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Session Breakout: Objective Observation through the Use of Visual Literacy

Most organizations perform regular safety observations which can help enable a safer workplace and develop best practices. Our natural ability to look at something and really see what is there is impacted by our experiences, expectations, and biases. These factors can get in the way, hindering hazard identification efforts, leading to poorly written hazard identification reports and misinterpretations in communications. Applying Visual Literacy can help observers analyze and interpret a scene more completely without judgment or bias. Following a disciplined process enables them to see environments more accurately and express an unbiased description of a situation, so vital information is understood and appropriate action can be taken.

Tamara Parris,
Director of Social and Community Development, Safeopedia

Tamara Parris is the Director of Community Development at Safeopedia, and owner of EHS Professionals Group on LinkedIn. Her passion is working with other EHS Professionals to collaborate in thought leadership, networking and connecting our industry peers to resources that will increase profitability and safety practices within their workplaces. Tamara has been in the Health and Safety field for over 20 years, her industry experiences include the Construction sector, CCTV and Security, and Commercial Retail industries.

Community Panel Discussion: The Social Safety System: Impact of Values and Beliefs on Workplace Safety

When we speak about organizational culture, we often focus our discussion on how senior leadership influences commonly shared values towards safety. In this discussion we want to turn the discussion to focus on how the values and beliefs of employees influence culture development, and our organizational value and belief systems. Our panel will dig deeper to look at how our individual values and the dominant social mind-sets impact our organizational safety success.

Mark Hernandez,
Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach

Mark A. Hernandez is passionate about equipping leaders who will Serve People & Accelerate Performance. Mark is the only person with over 20 years of experience in safety, who worked for OSHA for 12 years, and an Independent Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. Mark has been blessed to have been equipped by the leading authorities in leadership, public speaking, and high performance. Mark would love the opportunity to partner with your organization in creating a memorable experience...

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Session Title: Leadership in Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the entire world creating a level of crisis that many organizations and leaders have never encountered. How well an organization comes out of any crisis lies solely on the leader’s capabilities to see, deal, and work with their team to work through the crisis.
Leading Through Crisis shares insights from an online summit delivered by Mark’s mentor and leadership Guru, John C. Maxwell with over 250,000 viewers. Be ready to be informed, challenged and inspired to Be the leader whose followers want them to be led through a crisis. Key Takeaways:
1. Discover five comments to adopt successful thinking habits during any crisis.
2. Identify five principles to effectively shift your perspective during a crisis.
3. Discuss six practical ways to maneuver through times of crisis.
4. Bonus: each attendee will receive Free access to online training sessions with my mentor and leadership Guru, John C. Maxwell

Kyle Powell,
President and CEO, SureHire Occupational Health Testing

SureHire is Canada’s leading expert in the occupational health and wellness testing industry by offering a national private testing network, standardized training/testing and subject matter experts.

SureHire is revolutionizing the occupational testing industry through its proprietary fitness-to-work medical & physical assessments, drug testing adulteration protocols, automated tracking systems, standardized national training & certification system and industry leading online technologies...

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Breakout Session: Cannabis in the Workplace

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Crystal D Turner-Moffatt
CEO CDT EHS Consulting LLC (MWBE Certified Safety Firm) and The Safety Diva's Academy; Certified Safety Professional (CSP) SA Engineering LLC

Mrs. Turner-Moffatt is a Professional Consultant in the field of Environmental Health and Safety. Her motto is “EH&S is my passion”. Her handle is “The Safety Diva”. Raised in Harlem, NY, Crystal has broken down barriers in the construction industry as a safety professional and business owner. Crystal is proud to be a woman of color in this male dominated industry. She is extremely knowledgeable and has extensive expertise in the fields of Environmental Health and Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Sciences, Construction Safety Management, Corporate Compliance, Toxicology, Bioterrorism Preparedness, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Research, and Development. She has had more than 20 years of experience in the health and safety field in multifaceted environments.

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Keynote: Equipping The Next Generation For Leadership Positions In EHS: Sponsorship vs. Mentorship

When you first begin your career, it’s important to enlist a few great mentors. As your career advances toward mid-level opportunities and beyond, you should enlist a diverse slate of mentors, and seek out an elite category of advocate: a sponsor. Topics discussed:

● The Key Role of Sponsorship
● What is the difference between having a mentor or having a sponsor?
● Mentors are great, but sponsors are key to your career advancement.

Safety Justice League

Jason Lucas, Co-Founder, Safety Justice League

Jason Lucas is a dynamic content creator and speaker that inspires others on how to accomplish their goals. His recent focus has been on content creation under the auspice of #SocialMediaSafetyMinute, a short video series focusing on different safety concepts in short (under a minute) videos that make safety more understandable to the people whose primary focus is not safety daily. Through articles, videos and images, he takes connections into a new understanding of what it means to be safe...

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Jason A. Maldonado, CSP, SMS, Co-founder of Safety Justice League, Owner of RelentlessSafety.com

Jason Maldonado has spent more than 16 years working in Safety and Health roles throughout a variety of industries. Beginning as an explosive safety technician while serving in the United States Air Force, Jason developed a passion for teaching the importance of working safely and helping others figure out how to accomplish that mission. After transitioning from the military, he spent time in heavy civil construction, chemical weapon demilitarization, electrical transmission and distribution, and food manufacturing. All of these experiences have helped shape his unique perspective of the state of the modern Safety...

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Abby Ferri, Co-Founder, Safety Justice League

Abby Ferri is a practical, creative, and influential safety and risk management consultant, podcaster, and author. She leverages social media, voice, and the latest technology to advocate for worker safety and equity. Her years in construction prepared her for any industry, and her innovative approach has impacted thousands of workers, students, and safety peers worldwide.

Panel Discussion: Safety Justice League

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