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October 20-21, 2020
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Virtual Conference & Expo
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What is Safety Connect 2020?

 Safety Connect is the first ever Global Virtual Environmental Health & Safety conference!

Safety Connect is a two-day virtual conference and expo dedicated to leadership, emerging trends, and innovations in the Environmental Health & Safety Industry.

Zero Carbon Footprint!  Safety Connect is the most Environmentally Friendly Conference and a great way to demonstrate your Corporate Social Responsibility.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint & stretch your conference investment further than ever before.

Safety Leadership

Safety Leadership

Safety Culture

Safety Culture

Women in Safety

Women in Safety

ISO 45001

ISO 45001

OSHA 2020/21

OSHA 2020/21

Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

Mental Health

Mental Health

Marijuana in the Workplace

Marijuana in the Workplace

Virtual Safety 

Virtual Safety 



Machine Learning/AI

Machine Learning/AI

Product Innovation

Product Innovation

Showcase your company’s products and service while you network with industry experts, chat with attendees, and attend educational seminars.

We track all your leads, visitors, and engagement data to help you expand your connections and grow your business.

Exhibit at Safety Connect

What is Safety Connect actually capable of?


From your customized booth space to the live chat, on-demand webinars, and live video capabilities, safety Connect Virtual Conference & Expo offers you advantages only possible on a well designed, digital platform.

✅ Extensive analytic and lead generation tools - Lead Scoring

✅ Virtual booth space, branded and customized

✅ Live text, audio, group, or one-on-one chat options

✅ Multiple customizable resources to make your experience successful

✅ Attend or host business and industry webinars

✅ A digital swag bag

✅ Support for up to 30 days after the show

✅ Custom reporting

✅ Full technical support from our virtual show partners

Webinar Engagement Generates Leads and Closes Deals

Attend Safety Connect

Who Should Attend

Construction, mining, oil & gas, utilities, industrial manufacturing, transportation, aerospace, chemical/pharmaceutical, environmental remediation, healthcare, defence, public safety, food services markets with the following job titles :

✅Vice President Compliancer

✅Senior Risk Manager

✅Senior Risk Analyst

✅Senior Manager Environment Health Safety

✅Senior Compliance Specialist

✅Senior Compliance Officer

✅Senior Compliance Analyst

✅Safety Supervisor

✅Safety Specialist

✅Safety Manager

✅Safety Environment Manager

✅Safety Director

✅Safety Coordinator

✅Safety Consultant

✅Risk Specialist

✅Risk Manager

✅Risk Management Specialist

✅Risk Management Consultant

✅Risk Consultant

✅Risk Analyst

✅Quality Environment Health Safety Manager

✅Operational Risk Specialist

✅Engineering Manager

✅Production Engineer

✅Chief Project Director

✅Process Engineer

✅Software Director

✅Development Manager

✅Environmental Health Safety Specialist

✅Environment, Health and Safety Manager

✅Environment Manager

✅Corporate Environment Health Safety Manager

✅Compliance Officer

✅Compliance Manager

✅Compliance Lead

✅Compliance Coordinator

✅Compliance Analyst

✅Chief Compliance Officer

If you are an executive, manager, supervisor, or support professional and wish to learn what’s going on in the industry, find out what strategies your peers are implementing, and discover how they are tackling similar issues you are facing. In short, you’ll learn new strategies and solutions to solve some of your biggest challenges.

Call For Papers

Safety Connect is accepting abstracts for several technical categories. Submit your abstract today.

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